Meeting with the president and authorities concerning the Rights of people with Disabilities in Egypt


A meeting was done to discuss of the Implementing Regulations of the Law on the Rights of People with Disabilities

Which include: 

1. Job opportunities for disabled people which by law is 5% in each governmental sector 

2. Building and developing the capacities of the disabled persons, including the government agencies, to enable them to communicate and deal with persons with disabilities in all transactions, identifying an element in the service places and assigning one of the disabled elements to the governorate for this purpose.

3 - Reduction of working hours in all government agencies by one hour per day paid to employees with disabilities.

4. Granting 45 days of annual leave to women or mothers with disabilities 

5- Directing the administrative authorities in Fayoum Governorate to grant the requirements of using the designing of public buildings and streets for the disabled.

After the meeting a ceremony was held to honor the parents of the outstanding students with special needs. Dr. Sana Haroun participated in the meeting and the celebration of Fayoum Governorate.