Virtual AC and Web Resources Library

Virtual Accessibility Centre and Resources Library


This page combines resources collected and curated as part of the Virtual Accessibility Centre and the Resources Web Library, which have been developed throughout the life of the PACES project.

The Virtual Accessibility Centre focuses on providing links to information about virtual computer tools for use by people with disabilities. These include videoconferencing systems adapted to the hearing and visually impaired, tools for creating accessible PDFs and e-learning materials, and information and guidance on creating accessible information and e-learning materials.

The Resources Web Library is designed to be developed throughout the project, and beyond. The aim of the library is to serve as a database for the target participants of this project, as well as the project working groups. This will result in maximum benefit to the stakeholders and will also contribute to the post-project exploitation and dissemination.


1- Virtual Accessibility Centre


This page of the website provides links to information about virtual computer tools of use for people with disabilities such as:

· Videoconferencing systems adapted to the hearing and visually impaired

· Websites and electronic materials for students

· Tools for creating accessible PDFs and e-learning materials 

· Information and guidance on the installation of web servers, which will allow accessible information and e-learning materials

· Cooperative web-based video communication and access to social networks.

Download Virtual Accessibility setup from here.



2- Resources web library

The resources web library will be designed extensively during the project period and verified by designated end users, thus ready for post project exploitation and dissemination.

The aim of the proposed resources web library is to build a database for the target participants of this project – students with disabilities – as well as the project working groups, to have maximum benefit from the project through comprehensive understanding of the statistical data and new solutions, so that in turn they will be able to disseminate/promote the results and act as multipliers.


Module 1: Self Determination


How Self-Determined Are You? A Toolbox of Resources to Help Build Self-Determination Skills




Core Components of Self Determination


Teaching Self-Determination Skills to Students With Disabilities




Essential Characteristics of Self Determined Behavior of Individuals With Mental Retardation


Essential Characteristics of Self-Determined Behavior of Individuals With Mental Retardation


Exploring Essential Characteristics of Self-Determination for Diverse Students Using Data From NLTS2


Fostering Self-Determination Among Children and Youth with Disabilities


Education and Training in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Vol. 34, No. 3 (September 1999), pp. 293-301 (9 pages)


Self-Determination Curriculums and Tools


Self-Determination Units with Lesson Plans


Testing theory in practice: the example of self-determination theory based intervention


Module 2: Self Advocacy


Self-Advocacy Services for People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A National Analysis


Personal Self-Advocacy for People with Developmental Disabilities




Self-Advocacy Curriculum


Self-Advocacy as a Means to Positive Identities for People with Intellectual Disability: 'We Just Help Them, Be Them Really'


Self-Advocacy  and  Self-Determination


Fostering Skills in Self-Advocacy: A Key to Access in School and Beyond


Self-advocacy for inclusion: A global Report


Self-Advocacy Skills and Self-Determination: Keys to Postsecondary Success


Technical Assistance Guide Self Advocacy


Self-Advocacy 102





Module 3: Social Support


A grounded theory of social interaction in the context of the new family


On the Benefits of Giving Social Support: When, Why, and How Support Providers Gain by Caring for Others




Type, Content, and Source of Social Support Perceived by Women during Pregnancy: Evidence from Matlab, Bangladesh


Module 4: Universal Design for Learning


TEAL Center Fact Sheet No. 2: Universal Design for Learning


Universal Design for Learning


Discover Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to respond to learner diversity


Universal Design for Learning: Enhancing Achievement of Students with Disabilities


Promoting Collaboration A New Function for Special Education


Universal Design of learning (UDL) is a means for Challenging the Exclusion


Universal Design for Learning: Recommendations for Teacher Preparation and Professional Development


Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Making learning accessible and engaging for all students


Guidance documentations and general information


The Professional’s Guide to Exploring and Facilitating Access. Download

Explore Access - Microsoft Word Accessibility. Download

Enhancing staff support for learners with disabilities. Download

Disability awareness etiquette. Download

Hearing impairment. Download

Explore Access -

JISC: Accessible Library guide -

Learning disabilities in Neurological Rehabilitation. Download

Inclusion and Employability of people in situation of handicap. Download

A guide for visual impairment (Arabic version). Download

A guide on mobility impairment (Arabic version). Download

A guide for intellectual disability (Arabic version). Download

A guide for hearing impairment (Arabic version). Download

Indicators on the rights, freedoms, and obligations of people with disabilities in Morocco (Arabic version). Download

The latest modern technology in the blind world (Arabic version). Download

A course on visual impairment (Arabic version). Download

A course on hearing impairment (Arabic version). Download

A course on learning difficulties (Arabic version). Download

Workshop on therapeutic teaching mechanisms for people with attention difficulties (Arabic version). Download

Articles stipulating the rights of persons with disabilities in the Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt 2014 (Arabic version). Download

The Persons with Disabilities Law and its implementing regulations in Egypt in 2018 (Arabic version). Download