Deliverables/ Achievements

Download the list of completed activities from here.

Download the PACES Summary Report from here.




1) Needs Analysis report. (download report)
2) Good practice visits to EU/ Greece and UK
3) Good Practice Guide for Disability Management Services in HEIs.. (Download)
4) HEI Employer network mapping


1) Physical Accessibility Centres set up (download report)
2) Equipment and staffing procured (download report)
3) Virtual accessibility set up (download report)
4) Mobile/pop-up Accessibility Centres developed (download report)


1) Develop the handbook. (Download)
2) Train the trainers
3) Train the students and student supporters
4) Train employers
5) Evaluation of the training


1) Recruit employers to be Employment Accessibility Mentors
2) Set up Round Tables and Employability Workshop
3) Set up National Networks. (Download)
4) Collate placement schemes


1) Establish the protocol and plan
2) Recruit student supporters
3) Set up online Student Supporters Schemes


1) Set up Quality Monitoring groups
2) Internal quality reporting
3) External Quality Report
4) Sustainability plan


1) Project website set up
2) Resources web library
3) Management of workshops and conferences. (Download)
4) Management of all dissemination activities and materials. (Download)


1) Technical Coordination Plan
2) Administration coordination
3) Internal communication plan
4) Project reporting