Information For Students

The PACES project is all about making access to university easier for students with disabilities. Each of the partner universities in this project will have an accessibility centre that you can contact or visit to help you with any needs you may have that will make university life easier, particularly if you need advice or help with accessible equipment or with your employment opportunities.

The project also aims to train staff and employers about awareness of disabilities and design for all policies so that employment opportunities can be improved. 

Another element of the project is a scheme for student volunteers to work peer-to-peer with students with disabilities.This scheme has worked well in other countries (particularly in Spain) where students volunteer help with taking notes, digitising learning material or helping with sports and social activities.You can volunteer by contacting your Accessibility Centre coordinator.

A new element of this project is a pop-up accessibility centre link to pop up accessibility centre, so that if you don't have your own university pop-up centre you can ask for the pop-up accessibility centre to visit your college, school or university to see how technology and training can help students with disabilities.

If you want more details please contact your university coordinator or contact us through the PACES email address.