The first conference for developing the capabilities of persons with disabilities , Mansoura University


Aims of the Conference:

1. Maximizing and developing the capabilities and capabilities of people with disabilities.
2. Exchanging studies, research and contemporary global forces related to the development of human capabilities for people with disabilities.
3. Exchanging supportive technological experiences to employ the youth energies with disabilities.
4. Benefiting from the tremendous support that the Presidency provides to students and youth with disabilities.
5. Synergy and interdependence of the community forces in assuming social responsibility.
6. Forming youth groups of university students to exchange experiences and skills.

Conference Tracks:

1. Supportive technology to support and develop the capabilities of university students with disabilities.
2. Strategies used in teaching students with disabilities from university students.
3. Scientific and literary outputs for university students with disabilities.


•    Mansoura University
•    Amideast
•    Arab Academy for science, Technology, and Maritime Transport
•    Fayoum University
•    Egyptian Cultural Center

Recommendations of the Conference:

1. Educating faculty and students about the rights of students with special abilities.
2. Expanding the acceptance of students with special abilities in university colleges.
3. Provide opportunities for graduate studies in university colleges for those with special capabilities.
4. Establishing supportive technology centers for students with special abilities in different groups.
5. Providing training courses for faculty members to activate ways to communicate with people with special abilities.
6. Providing physical facilities and equipment inside the classrooms of the various colleges at the university.
7. Establishing appropriate mechanisms to benefit from international projects in the field of supporting those with special capabilities in the university.
8. Communicate with the university faculty to make the educational curricula available in digital format, which can be converted in Braille.
9. Providing exam halls to enable students with special abilities to take exams.
10. Activate the necessary practices to reveal the interests and talents of students with special abilities and work to develop them.
11. That there be a budget for students with special abilities from the university budget transferred from the Ministry of Higher Education, and not only relying on donations.
12. Communicate with all university colleges to provide volunteer teams to register, write and read courses at the university’s central library.