International Meetings

Good Practice Visit Coventry University

International Meetings

Location: Coventry University

Event type: Good Practice visit.

Date: 18-20 April 2018

Final Agenda: Download

Coventry University (CU) hosted the second project meeting for PACES, followed by a two-day good practice meeting, from 18-20 April 2018. The event began with a one-day project coordination meeting at which the participants discussed the currently ongoing work packages and collaborated on planning for the next phase of the project.

 Following the coordination meeting, a two-day good practice meeting was held, during which Coventry University staff from a variety of disciplines shared their good practice with the PACES partners. The sessions included a workshop on collaboration, a session on engaging with employers, a tour of the student wellbeing centre, and a workshop on supporting CU students with disabilities.

The event focused on two work packages:

WP8 – Coordination of the project, including the setting up of the management structure, overseeing project progress and reviewing all deliverables and outputs; and

WP1 – (specifically WP1.2) Good practice site visits to two EU institutions (University of Macedonia, Greece, and Coventry University, UK) attended by all North African partners.

Outcome: New insight into how to integrate students with disabilities for top-level managerial staff, teaching and technical staff.