Training for AASTMT Students in the Campus of AASTMT in South Valley (Aswan).

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This is a blended training session was held with the presence of some students on Campus while the others attended through Zoom on Thursday 19th of November 2020 during the Egypt Entrepreneurship Summit 2020 about the Social Awareness & Knowledge of Rights. We're so proud of our students at AASTMT for their interest in joining such training.
This training took place under the auspices of the AASTMT (Deanery of Student Affairs) and the PACES project. Special thanks to the Director of AASTMT Aswan Campus, Prof. Dr. Attallah Hashad, for his support and all facilities to give us this opportunity to train students.
We still have more training sessions, stay tuned for our announcement. Each student who has fill the training form will receive an email about the next training under the PACES Project.