Pop-Up AC

As a part of PACES Project objective Two Mobile/Pop-Up Accessibility Centres will be established, one in each partnered country, they will be driven by leading partners in those countries: one in Egypt in Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) and one in Morocco in Université Abdelmalek Essaâdi (UAE). A mobile, flexible, Pop-Up Accessibility Centre can be a kit of resources that can be taken to colleges, other universities, civic centres and schools – thereby increasing the reach of Accessible Technology and Disability Awareness in outreach venues that would otherwise not have access the static physical centres. The aim being that other educators, families and supporters would understand the requirements and available resources to enable students with disabilities to complete education and eventually move into employment.

The benefits of Pop-Up are regarded as being temporary and low-cost. Utilising spaces where people meet, work, shop or educate with flexible mobile stands/enclosures/tents or other temporary structure is a good way of getting your message out to people that would not otherwise visit a static physical space, for example within a University.

Pop-Up AC at AASTMT, Alexandria, Egypt

The Pop-up planned visit venues by AASTMT during year 2020









Download the list of AASTMT Pop-up equipment from here.